David Sheldrick biobox Park Map

Maintaining the highest environmental standards in the region

Nairobi Tented Camp is a traditional tented camp, designed to have the minimum impact on the local environment possible. We are extremely proud of our environmental management programme for the camp and are happy to be held accountable through our eco-policy, which we are delighted to publish online for all to see:

• All waste water (this includes grey and black water from the accommodation tents,
mess areas and kitchen) in the camp is put through the Biobox treatment, whereby waste water is filtered through a system which yields clean water which can be safely poured away into the ground.

• All other solid waste products are physically removed from camp and taken to
our company compound to be separated for recycling and safe disposal.

• All laundry is taken out of the park to be washed and ironed.

• No wood is cut or used in the Park: this is all brought in from commercial forests to
ensure no wood is taken from the forest itself.

• Except for a skeleton staff, all staff are accommodated outside of the National Park
and only come in during the day time when required.

• Our eco-footprint barely exists. We are a fully mobile camp. Apart from the tent pegs
holding the tents up, there is nothing else that is put into the ground