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Nairobi Tented Camp is an authentic tented camp in the Nairobi National Park. It's the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed in this unique safari destination and the first tented accommodation in Nairobi. There's nowhere else quite like it in the world...

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Welcome to Nairobi Tented Camp

Welcome to the Nairobi Tented Camp blog. I shall be updating you on things as they happen in camp & in the wider park, using pictures to tell most stories whenever possible.

Do comment & help me so that I might ‘play to the audience”.

Camp will not be open till November 1st, but make your booking NOW!!

Eland at a sat-lick on the plains below camp.

There are plenty of buffalo in NNP & they are particularly common in the Langata Forest, where camp is located…

Carnivores do well in NNP & you should hear the quintessential sound of Africa: the noctournal whoop of the spotted hyena, when in camp….

Lions are on the INCREASE in NNP: not Langata Forest in the background…

Wildlife is commonest in NNP in the dry seasons (August -October)  (December-April)

We have 11 white (or grass) rhinos in NNP: translocated in from Nakuru NP

Warthogs are common in NNP & near camp….

Cheetah are nowadays very rare in NNP

NNP is one of Kenya’s top sanctuaries for Black (or browse) rhinos, of which there are only about 500 on earth. This is the place to see these magnificent pachyderms in the wild!

The road to camp, Ngong Hills in the distance….

NNP is one of the most beautiful of Kenya’s parks, classic savannah country……

The park from the East…..