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Nairobi Tented Camp is an authentic tented camp in the Nairobi National Park. It's the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed in this unique safari destination and the first tented accommodation in Nairobi. There's nowhere else quite like it in the world...

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Vultures in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park boasts over 500 sp.of birds & amongst these are many raptors, including good numbers (unusual nowadays) of vultures.

NNP is especially important for it’s colony of tree-nesting White-backed vultures,of which there are many pairs.

A Lappet-faced (the largest sp. in East Africa) on the left. We have at least one breeding pair in the park.

The closest I got to a picture of flying birds: these creatures are Masters of the Air & if you look up in NNP, you are very likely to see soaring vultures: an increasingly rare sight!

I have not seen White-headed, Egpytian or Hooded vultures in NNP.

The Indian sub-continent has lost 97% of it’s vulture population owing to mass poisoning & our East African population is on a similar trend……

The bird in the foreground is a Ruppell’s griffon……

Vultures, like all the creatures that have NNP as their home need space to be…..& a steady food supply of carcasses.

Vultures are the ‘biggest’ meat eaters in African savannah ecosystems, eating more meat than the mammalian carnivores;they get there first owing to excellent eyesight & the swiftness of flight……

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