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Nairobi Tented Camp is an authentic tented camp in the Nairobi National Park. It's the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed in this unique safari destination and the first tented accommodation in Nairobi. There's nowhere else quite like it in the world...

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Athi Dam

One of my favourite spots in the Park is the Athi Dam, encircled by the wide hills of the Athi Basin… here you can depend on wonderful sights & dramatic spectacles as wildlife comes down to the water. There are always interesting birds, such as these White -faced Whistling Ducks…..

Along with the beauty & serenity comes Danger………..

These unwary gnu risk being pulled in by one of the several huge crocs (meat eaters) that live in the seemingly tranquil depths……

This yearling was one of a herd of 4 which could not be bothered to walk around the dam;they swam……

Zebras join the wildebeest to drink as “tirikokos” – Yellow throated Sandgrouse- come down to drink….

There is always something to see at the Athi Dam, & you are unlikely to meet another vehicle here at the Eastern end of the Park…..

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  1. It’s been a while since I came on a virtual safari to see you Willy, and as always well worth the trip. Your photos are excellent, your knowledge of local flora, fauna and culture unsurpassed.

    I still remember my last real safari with you (was it 18 years ago?!) and am saving up for another one:)

    Soon soon insh Allah!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Annabel. Now you can come to Nairobi Tented Camp & you are the second comment on this blog: keep em coming!!


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